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10 best nightlife in Dalat

Nightlife in Dalat is colorful. You can be busy with nightly shopping, make a romantic walk around the lake, have a drink in one of the best bars in Dalat or sip on a coffee in a quiet cafe.

Best things to do at night in Dalat

Dalat night market

Traveling to Dalat but not go around night market is a regretful missing. The market is at Gate 4, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, right at city center. It open from 6pm to 2-3 am next day. Dalat night market sell everything from foods, cloths, cuisines and souvenirs. Especially Dalat’ s flowers and fresh vegetables with cheaper price than compared with other areas in Vietnam. One more thing that make Dalat to be named “Little Paris of Vietnam” is that some street artist play violin or draw portraits.

10 best nightlife in dalat

One tip for buying something on the market is to ask the price in advance before you say you want to buy it. To know about average price of some products, you can ask the receptionist at your hotel or local people (but not ask seller).

Xuan Huong Lake

Walking around Xuan Huong Lake on a beautiful evening, drink a cup of coffee at a beautiful store on the lakeside or ride a pedalo is some interesting things you can do around the “Heart of Dalat city”. Or if you want to become a prince or princess in an old fairy tale, try a horse-carriage. The price is about 40.000 – 50.000/round for 5 – 6 people.

10 best nightlife in dalat

BBQ dinner

Dalat is famous for its BBQ-style dinner. They are extremely tasty and highly recommended. You can either choose a nice looking restaurant or sit on a plastic stool at a local street food stall. But the idea is the same. You BBQ yourself, right on your table. As a tourist, you always get help; they show you how to do it, or sometimes do even the complete grilling for you. Besides very good food it is also a fun experience.

Dalat night tour

You can also choose to do a night tour and experience some of the fun things to do in in the nightlife of Dalat. Most of these Dalat night tours include a visit to the night market, which can not be missed in your visit to this city. Combined this visit to some local restaurants to try out the unique food of Dalat and have a drink in a cosy typical Dalat coffee shop.

Go to a bar or club

Nightlife in Dalat in the form of drinking and dancing is very limited. Especially compared with other cities in Vietnam, such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang and Nha Trang. However, there are a few bars and pubs with a good atmosphere to hangout.

Go to a coffee shop

The coffee shop culture in Dalat is huge and probably the biggest in Vietnam. Dalat and the surrounding area of the town, has hundered of cute and cozy coffee shops. They are often very nice decorated and some of them have amazing views. You can just walk throuh the town and find a coffee shop you like. You can also visit a coffee shop with an amazing view at night.

Some recommeded coffee shops with a great view at night:

  • Panorama cafe is on a rooftop overlooking Dalat.
  • Dalat night coffee is another coffee shop overlooking Dalat, situated on a hill.
  • Up Coffee feels very coze with a nice view over the town.
  • Cafe Nông Trại Vui Vẻ (Sunny farm): the only coffee shop in this list not in the town itself, but around 7 km outside the city. The great thing about this coffee shop is that you have a very beautiful view over the green houses. Nice during the day, but espicialy in the evening a great view when all the green houses give light.
  • 10 best nightlife in dalat

    Panorama cafe

  • 10 best nightlife in dalat

    Up Coffee

  • 10 best nightlife in dalat

    Dalat night coffee

  • 10 best nightlife in dalat

    View from Sunny farm

Best bars in Dalat for nightlife

In Dalat you can’t find a a lot of nightlife with clubs, but there still are a couple of cool bars. Check some of our suggestions below:

Maze Bar / 100 Roof Bar

10 best nightlife in dalat

The Maze Bar in Dalat, officially called the 100 Roof Bar, is a place were you just have to go for at least one drink. Just a few hundred meters from the night market you will find this bar, that is literally a maze, so don’t get lost. It has a unique design, with a some kind of fairy tail like forest. There are several floors with places to sit scatter to out the maze. Because this bar is a huge maze, with a lot of different places to sit down, customers are also spread out throughout the Maze Bar, so sometimes it can feel a bit empty or missing atmosphere.

Beepub Hostel & Bar

10 best nightlife in dalat

Beebub hostel is also the place with the most famous bar for backpackers. It is just a small bar, but has a great atmosphere. During high season they have dj’s and live bands playing. There is pool table and drinks are affordable.

The Escape Bar

10 best nightlife in dalat

Warm atmosphere, friendly staff with professional music band and an electric guitar for customer to perform their talent. There are many art pictures on the wall. An ideal place to relax. One of the best bars in Dalat.

Brothers Bar

10 best nightlife in dalat

Brothers Bar is a cool hangout, with nice music a pool table and a good place to make new friends. Drinks are affordable and staff is very welcoming. It is a relative new place, but already among the favourite bars in Dalat for many travellers.

6th Floor Bar

10 best nightlife in dalat

On the top floor of Kim Cuong Hostel you find the 6th Floor Bar. Music ranges from hip hop, RnB, Drum & Bass and more. There is a free shuttle from the Maze Bar going to the after party in 6th Floor Bar. A good places for party backpackers.

Dalat Train Bar

10 best nightlife in dalat

Dalat Train Bar is located close to Dalat Train station. They have great drinks and delicious food. On their menu are many dishes from other countries too. Lovely music and cosy space. It is a relaxed place for rainy days.

V – Club Bar

10 best nightlife in dalat

A bar in real Vietnamese style, with some black circle decoration. Energetic space and wide range of drinks and wines.

Rain Nightclub Dalat

10 best nightlife in dalat

Rain Nightclub is one of the few clubs in Dalat nightlife scene. It is more a typical Vietnamese club, without many foreign tourist come here to party. The club looks very nice and there is a party atmosphere. Drinks are more pricey. There is no admission fee, but you have to purchase a mandatory drink when you get in.

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