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10 most unique accommodations in Dalat

Dalat not only attracts tourists by diverse attractions, poetic scenery, including forests and waterfalls, but also because it has the most unique accommodations of Vietnam. Dalat is the most visited city for Ho Chi Minh City residents. To attract the tourist to your business, the locals of Dalat became more and more creative. You can find some unique coffee shops and also unique accommodations in Dalat. These people turned their home in to an artistic masterpiece.

1. Hằng Nga Guesthouse (Crazy House)

10 most unique accommodations in dalat

Hằng Nga Guesthouse is also called Crazy House. The name Crazy House is fits very well, because it is a special building and also the weirdest building in Vietnam. It is a house with rooms connected by bridges and crazy corridors in the most special colors and shapes. The rooms are decorated in different animal themes. The style of the Crazyhouse is often compared to Gaudi’s work. If you don’t want to stay in this guesthouse, you can also come by for a short visit. You buy an entry ticket and can then walk around.

2. Wine Valley

10 most unique accommodations in dalat

Located about 2 km from the center of Dalat City, Wine Valley is a beautiful homestay in Dalat. The rooms are build as large wine barrels. You can join campfire nights, fishing and there is a vegetable garden en kitchen for guest to cook for them self.

3. Her homestay

10 most unique accommodations in dalat

Her Homestay in Dalat is a unique accommodation, because all the houses are built as a Minion and each house as their own minion expression. They are fully furnished giving you a home-like feel. There are also a variety of room types to choose from: 2-room, 4-person, 6-room, and dorm-rooms.

4. Bee inn

10 most unique accommodations in dalat

Bee Inn is another unique accommodation in Dalat. The homestay is built in a shape of an enormous bee hive and the main color of each room is yellow. Currently, Bee Inn has 10 single honeycomb rooms divided into three rows, each with views of the small, quiet garden.

5. Circle Hostel

10 most unique accommodations in dalat

Circle hostel gets its name from the sewer design rooms. The rooms are small, but very cosy and each room has a different colour.

6. La Phong homestay

10 most unique accommodations in dalat

This beautiful Dalat Homestay is built right at La Phong Tourist Area with colorful doorways. It was built with the idea to make a combination of a Japanese garden and fairy tail like feeling. The most outstanding feature of La Phong is the unique and strange architecture.

7. Hobbit village

10 most unique accommodations in dalat

Hobbit is a unique accommodation in Dalat, with 1 main villa with 4 bedrooms and 2 bungalows. Delicate villa design, featuring French architecture with A-shaped roofs and luxurious pine wood cladding. The room types at Hobbit are diverse for travelers to choose from to suit the number of people, the distance each room is far from each other to ensure privacy. Each room here has a view overlooking the beautiful natural scenery.

8. Homestay Nắng Xanh

10 most unique accommodations in dalat

Nang Xanh homestay has a unique tree-shaped and mushroom-shaped design. If you are looking for a homestay with a beautiful view, quiet, suitable for households, the Sunny Green will be the perfect place. The design of the rooms resembles an ancient tree with thousands of years of nature.

9. Cú Trên Cây Homestay

10 most unique accommodations in dalat

Cú Trên Cây Homestay (Owl On A Tree Homestay), has houses as birth nests on a hill overlooking the area. Each house is a different shape and size, connected with small paths and bridges. It is situated far from town, making it a extremely quiet, private and comfortable space.

10. Lalaland homestay

10 most unique accommodations in dalat

Lalaland homestay, a nice cozy decoration homestay, very close to Tuyen Lam lake. You will enjoy romantics holiday by staying in Lalaland. this is one of the most beautiful homestays in Dalat.

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