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8 best islands & beaches in the Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is mainly visited due to the unique life on and along the rivers, with floating markets, fruit orchards and fishing. But this area also has a very long coastline that extends to Cambodia and several islands that lie off the coast. It can therefore be a perfect change to grab a lovely beach in the Mekong Delta to relax.

1. Phu Quoc

8 best islands & beaches in the mekong delta

Not only the most famous island of the Mekong Delta, but even the most famous island in Vietnam. Phu Quoc is the perfect beach destination in the Mekong Delta. Some beaches in Phu Quoc have a number of resorts, hostels and beach bars, while other beaches are wonderfully deserted. It is a great island to end your Vietnam holiday. Compared to the other destinations in this list, this is a place where tourism is highly developed. On the plus side, a lot of English is spoken and there are many activities available, such as diving, snorkeling and boat trips to nearby smaller islands. The downside is when you’re looking for something more local and authentic.

Some of the best beaches in Phu Quoc are Long Beach, Ganh Dau beach and Bai Sao beach.

2. Nam Du

8 best islands & beaches in the mekong delta

Nam Du is a group of islands that lies south of Phu Quoc. So expect tropical beaches with palm trees and clear water like its neighbor. The big difference with Phu Quoc, however, is that this area is not developed at all. The big advantage is that you end up here in the real local and authentic life with fishing villages. The only drawback is that the island does not yet have a good waste system, which unfortunately means that a lot of pollution can be found on this otherwise beautiful tropical island.

3. Ba Lua Islands

8 best islands & beaches in the mekong delta

The third island in the province of Kien Giang (or actually group of islands) is Ba Lua. An archipelago of more than 40 small islands, where only 10 are large enough to live on. Tourism is hard to find here, so here you will find the real traditional life. The islands are green and have a number of hidden caves. The water immediately around most of the islands is quite shallow, so a great place to go snorkeling.

4. Hai Tac (Pirate Island)

8 best islands & beaches in the mekong delta

About 20km off the coast of Ha Tien lies an often skipped but beautiful archipelago consists of 16 islands called the Hai Tac Islands. The Vietnamese call this island group “Quan dao Hai Tac” which means pirate island. Tourism is not yet developed and gives you the opportunity to experience the real island life in Vietnam.

5. Ha Tien

8 best islands & beaches in the mekong delta

The town of Ha Tien is for most travelers only a short stopover between the Mekong Delta and Cambodia. If you have a little longer here, be sure to explore the area too, because you have one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mekong Delta.

Bai Bang beach has soft sand and gentle waves and is great for relaxing in the cool water. Bai No is located right next to the fishing village with a lot of houses, very suitable to explore the authentic fishing life of the people along the coast of the Mekong Delta. Mui Nai beach has dark muddy sand, good for your skin, so a great if you want to have a free mud treatment.

6. Tien Giang

8 best islands & beaches in the mekong delta

Tan Thanh Beach is a popular spot for the local residents of Ho Chi Minh City as it is one of the closest beaches in the Mekong Delta to this city. The beach is about 7 kilometers long with fine dark sand. Because the beach is near the mouth of the famous Mekong River, the water is a bit murkier than in other places. That said, you can still swim well here. If you are looking for a bit of culture, visit the local and authentic fishing village nearby.

7. Ca Mau

8 best islands & beaches in the mekong delta

Ca Mau is the southernmost province of Vietnam, with the capital of the same name Ca Mau. Khai Long Beach is one of the better beaches in the Mekong Delta, close to the mangrove ecosystem of this province. Although not famous for its blue water and white sand, Khai Long has a rustic and peaceful beauty thanks to the long stretch of golden sand and diverse ecosystem surrounding it.

8. Tra Vinh

8 best islands & beaches in the mekong delta

About 55 kilometers from the city of Tra Vinh you will find the Ba Dong Beach. Ba Dong beach still retains its wild and natural features with small sand dunes and casuarinas trees. The beach has a lot of shells, but the water is not very clear. Therefore, most tourists only come here for sightseeing, but rarely to swim in the sea. Only in the dry season is the water quite clear.

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