Chau Doc – travel guide & 8 things to do

Chau Doc is located in the Mekong Delta and is best known as a border town with Cambodia. Travelers traveling by boat to and from Phnom Penh will pass the city and an overnight stay is definitely recommended. You don’t have to leave this city immediately, because it is also located in one of the most beautiful provinces of the Mekong Delta, namely An Giang. From this city you can explore the beautiful region well.

Things to do in Chau Doc

1. Explore the town

chau doc – travel guide & 8 things to do

Located on the river, this trading town itself is nice to explore. Walk around the river enjoying the views. There are a few old Chinese buildings, some temples and a local market you can visit. In the evening you can dine at one of the floating restaurants at the river.

2. Chau Doc floating village

chau doc – travel guide & 8 things to do

The best thing to do in Chau Doc is taking a boat tour to the floating village. A boat tour lasts approximately two hours, during which you will also visit some other attractions in the area in addition to the Chau Doc floating village. The houses in the village are partly built on stilts and floating barrels. There are often nets underneath the house to catch fish, which are then prepared on boats that pass through the village so that they can be sold directly to the neighbor. It is without a doubt a unique sight that you can only find in this region of Vietnam.

3. Cham village

chau doc – travel guide & 8 things to do

During this same boat trip you will also visit a Cham village, of which most people have converted to Islam. The Cham minority used to have its own kingdom in Vietnam, from which, among other things, the temple complex of My Son was built and other Cham towers scattered in central Vietnam. In the village you will find a Koran school, mosque and the people here are also known for the quality of their weaving arts.

4. Tra Su

chau doc – travel guide & 8 things to do

Tra Su is a semi-submerged forest, which attracts many birds. The boat ride through peaceful mangrove forest and bright green duckweed provides beautiful photos. Along the way, you can spot rare birds that call the swamp area their home here, as it is far from civilization and plenty of food for them to find. You will also find here the longest bamboo walkway in Vietnam, which runs right through the park. Tra Su is about 25 kilometers from Chau Doc.

5. Sam Mountain

chau doc – travel guide & 8 things to do

The biggest highlight, at least for domestic tourists, is Sam Mountain. At 230 meters, Sam Mountain is more of a hill than a mountain, but it is a sacred place for many Vietnamese. Several temples and pagodas can be found on the mountain. At the top of the mountain you have a great view over the endless flat landscape of rice fields.

6. Ta Pa rice fields

chau doc – travel guide & 8 things to do

The Ta Pa rice fields are the most beautiful rice fields in the Mekong Delta. The palm trees that stand between the fields make this a beautiful and iconic image. You can find them about 40 kilometers from the city and can be perfectly combined with Sam Mountain and Tra Su which can be found along the way.

7. Long Xuyen floating market

chau doc – travel guide & 8 things to do

The capital of An Giang Province is Long Xuyen, a town located nearly 60 kilometers from Chau Doc. Early every morning you will find the Long Xuyen floating market here, so if you want to visit it, it is best to be in this city the day before.

8. Tuc Dup Hill

chau doc – travel guide & 8 things to do

For those interested in the Vietnam War, Tuc Dup Hill is worth a visit. It is also referred to as the 2 Million Dollar Hill because the Americans are said to have used $ 2 million in bullets and bombs to target this hill. This was because the Viet Cong fought heavily here during the American attack that lasted four months. There is little to see now, but near this hill you will find a cemetery and memorial.

How to get to Chau Doc

Chau Doc is easily accessible by bus from major cities in the south of Vietnam, such as Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho. From Ho Chi Minh City the bus ride takes about 6 hours and from Can Tho about 3 hours.

Chau Doc border crossing Cambodia

Chau Doc borders Cambodia directly and therefore also shares a few border crossing that is popular for many travelers who want to visit both countries. Most travelers come from or go to Phnom Penh, which is a little bit more than 100 km from Chau Doc. This route can be done by bus as well as by boat.

  • Vinh Xuong border crossing (Tan Chau District)
  • Tinh Bien border crossing (Tinh Bien district)
  • Khanh Binh border crossing (An Phu district)
  • Vinh Hoi Dong border crossing (An Phu district)

Important note: Keep in mind that when you travel from Cambodia to Chau Doc, you must already have a Vietnam visa. You cannot arrange this visa at land border crossings in Vietnam.

Getting around

In Chau Doc you will find plenty of taxis that are fine for getting around the city. But if you want to explore the beautiful surroundings further from the city, it is better to arrange other transport. The best way is to rent a car with a driver for a day. Discuss in advance where you want to go and what you want to see. You can also choose to rent a motorcycle yourself.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit An Giang is in the dry season, from November to April. From May to October is rainy season, with the most rain in July and Augustus. The rain does make the land a lot more green and in additional, places like Tra Su forest are nice to visit around this time too.

Accommodation in Chau Doc

Chau Doc is not a large town, but being a popular city for travelers in transit to or from Cambodia, there are plenty of accommodations to be found here. If you want a more local and authentic feel, it is highly recommended to find a lodge or homestay outside the city in the beautiful countryside.

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