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Cycling in Mai Chau – 2 self driving routes & cycling tour

Cycling in Mai Chau brings you to some of the most stunning rice fields of Vietnam, with local villages of ethnic minorities. The peaceful roads that are almost as flat as a pancake makes it also easy. This perfect combination makes cycling one of the best things to do in Mai Chau.

Why cycling in Mai Chau?

Mai Chau is one of the best places to go cycling in Vietnam. The reason for this is that the valley where Mai Chau is located, is very flat and there is almost no traffic on the roads between the villages. All you can come across is a lost buffalow, a local farmer on his way to his land on his motorcycle, or an electric buggy from a resort driving their guests around the rice paddies.

cycling in mai chau – 2 self driving routes & cycling tour

Because indeed, between these villages you will find extensive rice fields as far as you can see. On both sides of the valley you will find high mountains that provide a beautiful background of the rice fields. It is a great place to take photos of the countryside in Vietnam.

On the way you will cycle through villages of generally the Thai ethnic group. This ethnic minority lives in houses on stilts, where cattle often live under the house. Stop here to witness the peaceful everyday life and have a glimpse into this unique culture.

Go cycling in Mai Chau with Local Vietnam

Local Vietnam has a unique tour where you can go cycling in Mai Chau through the rice fields and visiting some villages. You can also combine a trip to this valley with a trekking in Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Have a look at all our Mai Chau tours to see your options.

Mai Chau cycling route

You start your route in Lac village (the main tourist village in town). From here you head to the main road and take a left. Follow the main road for a few hunderd meter before taking a right to head the Chieu Cave.

After visiting the cave, cycle back to the main road and take a right. Take either the second or third road on your left to go back in the countryside.

cycling in mai chau – 2 self driving routes & cycling tour

From this small countryside road you can continue biking for 12 km (or even further). Along this road you will cycle through Mai Chau’s most beautiful rice fields. Keep in mind that you have to go the same way back, so the farther you go, the farther you have to cycle back. There are though a lot of smaller countryside paths left and ride of you that you can try. They mostly end up in local villages.

cycling in mai chau – 2 self driving routes & cycling tour

You can also continue the road all the way to the end and make a complete loop of 40 km. Though it is only recommended for experience bikers with good quality bicycles.

Best time to go cycling in Mai Chau?

From September until May is a good time to go cycling. The best time to go cycling in Mai Chau is spring, when there is not much rain and the weather is not too hot. In addition, the rice fields are very green around this time. Another good time to go cycling is autumn, from September to November. The heavy rains and hot weather of the summer time have left in this season. December and January can be cold, but there is not much rain.

Alternative for cycling

Of course, if you are not into cycling, you can also rent a motorbike from 120,00 VND a day in Mai Chau. Make sure the motorbike is in good condition and be sensible; Only drive if you are experienced and confident. You can either drive the routes mentioned above or do the Mai Chau motorbike loop

Mai Chau Motorbike loop

This is not the best route if you want to do cycling in Mai Chau, but it is possible for very experienced cyclists with good stamina. This route starts at the bottom of the valley and takes you over a mountain pass. If you do not feel that it appeals to you, it is best to go with a motorbike (scooter). If you can’t drive yourself, you can go on the back with an experienced guide. Alternatively, you can also do this loop by car.

The loop starts in Lac village, the main town in the valley. From here you go to the main road and drive to a big intersection. It is proberly the same intersection you came from when arriving from Hanoi. Here you start to go all the way up to the Khe Pau Pass. Almost at the top, before driving to the other side of the mountain, there is a parking spot and the best viewpoint in Mai Chau. Here you have a scenic view over the complete valley with rice fields and villages.

cycling in mai chau – 2 self driving routes & cycling tour

Continue driving over the Khe Pau Pass. On your left side you will have more great views of mountains and towns. You will pass a small market on the pass where you can stop to make photos and buy some snacks or drinks.

After this you continue driving and take the first road to the left. You will start to drive down and continue through several villages and countryside, untill you reach a huge lake called Hoa Binh lake. The road continues along the lake with still a lot of nice views. There is also a place where you can go down to the lake and take a one hour boat trip.

Finlay you get to the Mai Chau waterfall called Go Lao. Park your bike (or car) and climb down the stairs to the bottom of the waterfall. On hot days, it is great to take a cool dip in the pool here.

cycling in mai chau – 2 self driving routes & cycling tour

There is an intersection very close to the waterfall that brings you back to the main road leading to Lac village.

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