K50 Waterfall – Getting there & Complete Travel Guide

The K50 waterfall, also called Hang En Waterfall, is located in the Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve and is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Vietnam. This is undoubtedly due to its size and height, but the great location in the middle of the jungle contributes at least as much to this.

Good to know before going

  • Keep in mind that they can be strict with letting tourists into the park here. Before you go, it is definitely advisable to contact the park rangers; for this it can also be useful to go with a local (someone who speaks Vietnamese). Even better is to go with an arranged tour that can also arrange transportation to the park.
  • Make sure you are early at the park if you want to see as much as possible. Besides the K50 waterfall, there are several other very nice waterfall in the park and great hiking trails.
  • Check the weather before you go. When there is a lot of rain, trails can get very slippery.
  • To reach the start of the hiking point from the park ent, you first have to drive over some very steep hills and dirt road. During rain, the dirt road can form a mud road that is very slippery. The part of the hills does have a concrete path, but weaker motorcycles and automatic scooters can’t compete with this.

How to get to the K50 Waterfall

As mentioned, it is best to go with an organized tour.

If you go yourself, it is best to arrange a car with a driver or rent a motorbike and drive yourself. The closest major cities with airports are Pleiku (150 km) and Quy Nhon (140 km). You can also take a bus from either of these two cities an drive to Kbang (Google Maps ), the closest town to the park entrance. You can then rent a motorbike at an accommodation for the last part (40 km).

It may be worth staying here for 1 night anyway, so that you can enter the park very early the next day. There are a few very basic accommodations to be found.

Another option is to stay the day before in Mang Den, 60 km away. This place is also called small Dalat, with beautiful forests, waterfalls and mountains. It is a tourist area with many options for accommodation and a lot more decent than in Kbang. In any case, it is advisable to combine K50 with Mang Den when you have the time. The road between the waterfall and Mang Den is also beautiful.

Location: Sơn Lang, K’Bang District, Gia Lai, Vietnam


K50 Waterfall highlights

The K50 waterfall is located in the central highlands of Vietnam, on the border of the provinces of Gia Lai and Binh Dinh and is part of the Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve. The waterfall is 50 meters high and the width varies from 20 to 100 meters depending on the season (check best time to visit).

The K50 waterfall is located in the middle of the park and there are almost no paved roads that lead through the park. The first part through the park can be done by motorbike, although you do need a powerful motorbike to drive over the hills. If you have a bad motorcycle yourself or little experience in driving, you can go on the back of a motorbike with one of the park rangers. It is important to have this arranged in advance.

After quite a drive you arrive at a stone staircase down where you have to continue on foot towards the waterfall. Through the dense jungle you can eventually see the waterfall and especially hear it well.

You can continue the walk behind the waterfall via a dirt path. You sit close behind the waterfall which gives a powerful feeling when you see and here the thundering water coming down. Using ropes, you descend further to the halfway point, where the path continues down alongside the waterfall. On the way down you have a number of beautiful viewpoints.

k50 waterfall – getting there & complete travel guide
k50 waterfall – getting there & complete travel guide

At the bottom of the waterfall runs a stream from where you can take beautiful pictures. It is not recommended to go swimming here, but it is possible to visit other places in the park.

k50 waterfall – getting there & complete travel guide

The trail continues through the forest and jungle uphill, bringing you to the stream above the waterfall. Following this stream brings you right on the top of the waterfall with an impressive view over the jungle below. Further upstream there are places where you can swim.

k50 waterfall – getting there & complete travel guide

If you came early to the Nature Reserve or visit with a two day and one night camping tour, you have time to explore some of the other impressive waterfalls here and do some great hiking through the jungle.

Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve

The K50 waterfall is without a doubt the highlight of the region, but you should certainly not forget that it is part of the large and impressive Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve. The park is no less than 15,9000 hectares, with a total of 12 waterfalls, rivers, streams, tropical rainforest and wild animals. In combination with visiting the K50 waterfall, you can also go on great hiking trips and even camp in the middle of the jungle.

Best time to visit the K50 Waterfall

You can visit the K50 Waterfall all year round, but during certain seasons the waterfall is more impressive. During the rainy season and at the beginning of the dry season, the rain causes a greater flow of water which clatters downwards. During the dry season you are less likely to get wet during your hike, but the waterfall will also be smaller. The width of the waterfall is between 20 and 100 meters depending on how much rain has fallen.

The rainy season runs from May to October and the dry season is approximately from November to April.

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