LangBiang Mountain in Dalat – Travel guide & 7 highlights

Langbiang Mountain is with 2,167 meter the highest mountain near Dalat, also called the roof of Dalat Plateau (Lam Vien Plateau). For hikers, this is a great day trip and a half day trip for those who just want to enjoy the beautiful view from the peak.

About Langbiang Mountain

Lan Biang has the two highest peaks of the Dalat plateau: Lang Biang with 2,167 meters and Bidoup Ban with 2,287 meters. For that reason they are also called the roof of Dalat. In addition, the nearby Bidoup Nui Ba National Park is also named after these mountain peaks.

The mountain is best known for its amazing nature and spectacular views over the entire Dalat area, with forests, rivers and ethnic villages. Because indeed, this mountain has more than great nature. It is also home to some of the oldest ethnic minority groups from the Central Highlands. A visit to a local village will give you an insight into their unique culture, which has been passed down through the generations and has changed little.

Highlights of LangBiang Mountain

1. Lang Biang Peak

langbiang mountain in dalat – travel guide & 7 highlights

The highlight of Langbiang for most travelers is the view from the peak of the mountain. From here you have a great view over the forests for which Dalat is so famous and two rivers called Silver Stream and Golden Stream, located in a green valley. Just keep in mind that the mountain is regularly in the clouds, so you have less visibility. Fortunately, sometimes you just have to wait a bit longer until most of the clouds clear.

In addition to the view of Langbaing peak, you will also find a restaurant, cafe, souvenir shop and other facilities here. There are activities such as horse riding organised and there is also a flower garden, stone statues and other typical kitschy Vietnamese photo ops.

2. Trekking to the peak

langbiang mountain in dalat – travel guide & 7 highlights

The most fun way, but only suitable for adventurers and people with enough stamina, is to climb this mountain. A trek to the top takes about 3 to 4 hours. You start at the base of the mountain and start walking through beautiful and peaceful pine forest. Further up the mountain it gets a bit darker because of the dense vegetation, which provides a pleasant cooling during the walk. The closer you get to the top, the fewer trees and the more you can see of the view. Once at the top the panoramic view is amazing and well worth the hike.

3. Jeep tour to the peak

langbiang mountain in dalat – travel guide & 7 highlights

If you don’t have the stamina or time to make the complete hike to the peak, you can also take a jeep tour up. At the foot of the mountain is a visitor center where you can buy a ticket. The price for a private jeep is 300,000 VND for a return ticket. You can also join a group, the price is then 50,000 VND, but you may have to wait until there are enough people. An old Russian jeep takes you on a 4.5 kilometer paved road to the top of the mountain.

4. Camping

langbiang mountain in dalat – travel guide & 7 highlights

LangBiang Mountain is also one of the best places for camping in Dalat. While camping you can enjoy the wonderful peace, far away from the busy cities. Choose a spot in the woods or somewhere with a beautiful view of the area. It is advisable to do this with a local guide who knows the rules, where to find the best places to set camp, as well as having the tents and necessary camping equipment. Contact Local Vietnam to arrange a camping trip in Dalat.

5. Ethnic minorities

langbiang mountain in dalat – travel guide & 7 highlights

Besides the views and the beautiful nature that you will find on and around Langbiang mountain, you can also learn more about the cultures of the ethnic inhabitants who live in the Central Highlands. There are several villages that you can visit, mostly of the K’ho ethnic people. Lat village, of the Lach ethnic group, a subgroup of the K’Ho minority and one of the first ethnic minorities in Dalat, is a village which is visited by some trekking tours in this area.

6. Paragliding

If you are not afraid of heights and you like adventure, paragliding of Langbiang mountain might be for you. Soar through the air as you take in the beautiful view around you. Paragliding starts on Radar Hill and ends near Dankia lake.

7. K’Ho Coffee Farm

langbiang mountain in dalat – travel guide & 7 highlights

You can combine Langbiang mountain with a visit to K’Ho Coffee Farm. K’ho is actually the name of one of the oldest ethnic minority groups living in the Central Highlands, living mainly in the mountains. They were one of the first to cultivate coffee in Vietnam, with seeds taken by the French colonizers. The family that owns this coffee plantation belongs to this Kho minority.

At this plantation you can see where the famous Vietnamese coffee comes from, from harvesting the beans to finally brewing a cup of coffee (in traditional ways of course). Real coffee lovers can also come here to taste coffee and perhaps for a nice souvenir to take home.

How to get there

Langbiang trekking tour

If you have become interested in climbing Langbiang mountain, it is best to do this with a local guide. You will be picked up from your hotel in Dalat and driven to the starting point. Depending on the stamina of the group, you can walk to the peak in about 3 hours. Here you can enjoy both the view and a picnic lunch. After that, you will continue the trekking tour where you will end in a village of ethnic minorities.

Full day trekking Langbiang mountain

By car or motorbike

Langbiang Mountain is about 15 kilometers from Dalat city center. The best way to get here is by private transport. For example, you can go by taxi, although it may be cheaper to rent a car with driver for a day and possibly combine it with other sights along the way. You can also rent a motorbike/scooter at your accommodation and drive there yourself. The route is easy to find with Google Maps. Parking your motorbike at the mountain cost 5,000 VND.

Best time to visit

You can visit Langbiang peak all year round, but if you want to do trekking in Dalat, the best time is to go in dry season from November to March. During rainy season it is still possible and the temperatures are also better, what makes it more pleasant for walking, although the paths can be a bit more soggy and hard rain is also not great for outdoor activities.

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