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Sapa accommodation – Best location & 10 hotels and resorts

Finding the best Sapa accommodation is very important. Staying at an hotel in Sapa with fantastic views over the rice fields or in a comfortless, cold room can change your experience dramatically. To help you out with have listed 4 locations

Best location to find you Sapa accommodation

The town is not that small any more, so it is important when you pick your Sapa accommodation that you do that at the right location. Do you want to wake up with stunning views over the Sapa rice fields or are you going to be gone for the whole day to do trekking in Sapa and you don’t mind a cheaper budget hotel. We guide you where to find that hotel in Sapa with a great view and where to find the more budget friendly areas.

sapa accommodation – best location & 10 hotels and resorts

Map of the different Sapa accommodation locations

1. Center of Sapa

Staying in the center of Sapa means right on the park and square, where it is crowded with many tourists and many quality hotel options, from affordable to expensive luxury hotels. If you are looking for a hotel in this area you can search the following street names: Thach Son, Xuan Vien, Hoang Dieu, Thac Bac, Ham Rong. From the hotels here, you can easily get to the well-known tourist attractions such as Stone Church, Ham Rong Mountain, Bac Waterfall and Ta Phin Village. In the city center you can also be close to many shops and restaurants.

2. Cau May – Muong Hoa

The best area to find your Sapa accommodation is around Cau May – Muong Hoa street. Here you will find hostels, hotels and resorts. This area is usually more expensive than the other areas as the view is very beautiful, with views of the Fansipan and Hoang Lien Son mountains with the rice paddies in the valley. This is the closest place to visit the Stone Church, Sapa Market, Ham Rong Mountain Resort or trek to Muong Hoa Valley towards Ta Van and Ta Phin villages.

3. Around the lake

The cheapest Sapa accommodations can be found around the lake, compared to similar quality rooms in the rest of the city. If you want to save money you should choose to stay here. The roads around the lake are called Xuan Vien, Le Hong Phong, Ngu Chi Son and Pham Kim Dong.

4. Outside of Sapa

Sapa has become very popular over the years, with many hotels, resorts, shops and restaurants. For this reason, more and more travelers who want to seek out adventure and prefer a more authentic experience are choosing their Sapa accommodation outside of the town. Outside of the town you have the option to either stay in a local homestay or resort / eco lodge. There are several villages around Sapa where you can find these kind of accommodations.

Staying overnight in a homestay outside the city is a great alternative, if you don’t mind simpler accommodation. Especially for those who want to enjoy the experience of exploring the cultural space of the ethnic minorities. It will give you an unforgettable experience. You can find reasonably priced homestays in Ban Ho, Lao Chai, Ta Phin and Ta Van. You can also find homestays in Sapa itself if you prefer to stay in the city. The famous Cat Cat village does not offer homestay options, but a few places on the road to the village offer accommodation.

Best type of Sapa accommodation

Hotels in Sapa


  • Many choices of facilities around; activities, restaurants, shops and nightlife.
  • Lots of hotel options
  • Low to high budget
  • Moderate quality to very luxurious


  • Only located in Sapa town
  • No authentic experience

Resorts or lodges in Sapa


  • Located outside of Sapa
  • Medium to high budget
  • Medium quality to extremely luxurious
  • More local and often with stunning views
  • Lots of facilities inside the resort


  • Usually not an authentic experience (there are exceptions)
  • Can be very pricey
  • No facilities around, often tied to the resort or lodge
  • Limited number of lodges and resorts

Homestays in Sapa


  • Located outside of Sapa
  • Lot of homestays
  • Low budget
  • Local and very authentic; best local experience
  • Often hosted by ethnic minorities


  • Very few facilities
  • Very basic stay (there are exceptions)

Tip! Do you want a very local experience and stay in a homestay of ethnic minorities outside the city? Read here everything about homestays in Sapa!

Best hotels in Sapa

Most of the hotels in Sapa are located in and around the center. You are a bit further away from the rice fields and villages, but you have a lot of choice in restaurants, shops, bars and opportunities for trekking and other activities. Some of these hotels belong to the best Sapa accommodation you can find in the whole area.

sapa accommodation – best location & 10 hotels and resorts

Sapa Relax Hotel & Spa

sapa accommodation – best location & 10 hotels and resorts

Pao’s Sapa Leisure Hotel

Sapa Relax Hotel & Spa – Prices start from $ 30 and get a modern, spacious room with a comfortable bed. Pay a little more for a room with a great view over the valley. One of the best hotels in Sapa for price quality.

Eden Boutique Hotel & Spa – This nicely decorated boutique hotel in Sapa is located near the center, close to restaurants, but secluded enough for rest. Prices start from $ 40 and for this you get a nice room with a very comfortable bed.

Pao’s Sapa Leisure Hotel – Unlike most of the hotels in Sapa, this one is a bit further from the center, in a location with great views. The hotel is luxurious, with very modern rooms, swimming pool and spa facilities. Prices start from $ 100 per night, but for this you will stay in one of the best hotels in Sapa.

Saparis Hotel – A good hotel for a very low budget. It is located near the lake and the center of Sapa.

Best resorts & lodges in Sapa

If you have can afford the price tag, then staying in a stunning eco lodge with views over the terraced rice fields is without a doubt the best Sapa accommodation you can wish for. The lodges and resorts in Sapa are mainly outside the city, around the small villages. Far from restaurants, bars and shops, but close to rice fields, mountains and local hill tribe villages. Staying in a lodge outside the city is often a more unique experience than in a hotel in Sapa. However, you are often bound and limited to the activities and facilities that the lodge or resort offers you.

sapa accommodation – best location & 10 hotels and resorts

Topas Ecolodge

sapa accommodation – best location & 10 hotels and resorts

Sapa eco bungalow

Topas Ecolodge – This resort has been hailed as a unique lodge by National Geographic. It is secluded on top of a high hill in the valley, which surrounds it with mountains and rice fields. The private guest bungalows swirl along a ridge with unparalleled mountain views. You can call the unique infinity pool an attraction. This also comes with a hefty price tag; prices per night start from $ 300.

Sapa Clay House – Mountain Retreat – Features a restaurant, bar, shared lounge and an eye-catcher outdoor infinity pool overlooking the rice fields. This resort is located outside Sapa, in the village of Y Linh Ho, and is therefore surrounded by rice fields and villages in the vicinity of hill tribes.

Sapa Eco Bungalows & Spa – Located in the village of Ta Van, with a swimming pool and among the rice fields. You can start a trekking directly from the door of the resort. The rooms are all bungalow style with a view of the rice fields.

Sapa Eco-Home – Mountain Retreat – Located in Y Linh Ho village, in beautiful surroundings. It doesn’t have a pool unlike many other resorts and lodges in Sapa, but it does have a much more local and authentic feel. The bungalows are located in the middle of the rice fields and it feels like you are far from civilization.

Eco Palms House – Sapa Retreat – Similar to Eco Home, Eco Palms is a place where you feel like you are far away from it all, with a true local experience. Located in the village of Lao Chai, this retreat features more traditional style bungalows, including great views.

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