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Visiting Khau Vai Love Market in Ha Giang

Khau Vai Love Market is perhaps the most unique market in Vietnam, but is only held once a year. If you want to visit this market, you have to plan it well. This is what you need to know if you want to visit the market in 2022 or 2023.

What can you expect

On the 26th of the third lunar month (often April / May), local ethnic women and men put on their best traditional costumes to go to the market, where they are free to meet their former lovers in public. Men and women come together in the market where they look for their former partners in the crowd. Spouses do not get angry or jealous because the meeting on the market is only a temporary moment and has no influence on their daily life or relationship.

visiting khau vai love market in ha giang
visiting khau vai love market in ha giang

This is also a place for new couples to start something romantic together. This event also has various board games, competitions, and festivities and is a place where people just have fun.


visiting khau vai love market in ha giang

The story behind the Khau Vai Love Market

In the market area there are two temples called Ong and Ba (sir and madam). There are various stories and legends that explain the origins of this love market.

A story tells that there was once a boy and a girl in two different places in Ha Gaing who love each other very much. Because their families prevented their marriage, they came together to Khau Vai, a prosperous country with rich plants that they could live on.

Another story is similar, but has a less successful ending. Khau Vai was the place where two loved ones saw each other for the last time because their families did not want them to marry each other. However, they made plans to meet once a year on that day.

That is why all couples who have broken off relationships have the opportunity to meet in Khau Vai Love Market to express their feelings again. With the help of the local government and the Khau Vai commune, this traditional love market of Khau Vai is held instant to promote the cultural identity of ethnic minority groups.

visiting khau vai love market in ha giang
visiting khau vai love market in ha giang

Location of the Khau Vai Love Market

Khau Vai Love Market is located close to Meo Vac (30 km), in the Kahu Vai commune in Meo Vac ditrict – Ha Giang province (directions on Google Maps).

How to get there

From Hanoi you first have to travel to Ha Giang City either by bus at night or mini bus during the day time. The trip takes around 6 to hours before arriving in Ha Giang City. From here it is still another 140 km through mountainous landscape with winding roads which can take another 6 hours. You either have to go by private car with driver or on the back of a motorbike. You can also go by motorbike yourself, but keep in mind that the roads in Ha Giang are far from safe and driving without a Vietnamese drivers licence is illegal.

Because the trip to Khau Vai takes so long, it is best to combine it with a visit to some of the other highlights of Ha Giang. Close to Meo Vac you find one of the most stunning mountain passes in Vietnam, namely the Ma Pi Leng Pass. On the other side of the pass you enter Dong Van with it’s Old Quarter. From here you can drive to the most norther part of Vietnam, the Lung Cu flag tower. On the way to this area you will drive to some of the most scenic mountain landscapes of Ha Giang. From here you can go south visiting the Hmong Palace and the beautiful Sung La valley.

Tip! Combine a trip to the love market with our Ha Giang loop tour and choose either to go on the back of a motorbike or by private car. You will visit all of the above highlights and even more!

Dates of the Khau Vai Love Market


  • 2021: May 8
  • 2022: April 27
  • 2023: May 16
  • 2024: May 5
  • 2025: April 24

Previous years

  • 2020: Saturday, April 18
  • 2019: Tuesday, April 30
  • 2018: Friday, May 11
  • 2017: Saturday, April 22
  • 2016: Monday, May 2
  • 2015: Thursday, May 14

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